White wines

1. Balatin Selection

Dry white wine, golden-yellow in colour is obtained by blending varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Tamjanika and Rhine Riesling. It is characterized by exceptional fullness and harmony with the extremely complex fruity flavour dominated by subtle notes of tropical fruits, quince and pear. This wine tastes slightly sweet due to the dominant content of Chardonnay variety. It is recommended to be served with white meat, fish and other light dishes, and it can also be served as a dessert wine.
Its recommended serving temperature is between 11 and 13°C.
The alcohol content ranges from 13 to 14% depending on the vintage.

2. Jungic Tamjanika

Extremely smooth and delicate dry wine, light straw-yellow in colour with a slight green reflection obtained from the Tamjanika variety from the south of Serbia or Tikves vineyards in Macedonia. It has a musky scent with distinctive tones of frankincense, basil and elder. It pairs best with fish and seafood, and it can also be served as a dessert wine especially with cakes with walnuts, hazelnuts or almonds as dominant ingredients.
The recommended serving temperature is between 10 and 12°C.
The alcohol content usually ranges between 12 and 13%, depending on the vintage.

2. Jungic Chardonnay

The wine is rich with aromas and has a strong body with a distinctive influence of the soil and climate of the village of Markovac. It is characterized by crystal yellow colour with greenish reflection and harmony of extremely pure and well-rounded fruity fragrances with the most prominent notes of peach, apple, tropical fruits as well as the mild citrus fragrance. Fruit sweetness of this popular wine variety is well harmonised with the tartaric acids that provides its exceptional smoothness and freshness. It ideally pairs with fish and white meat, chilled to a temperature between 11 and 13°C. The alcohol content is usually rather high, ranging between 13, 5 and 14, 5 % due to accumulation of sugars in recent years which were characterized by high temperatures and lack of rainfall during the vegetation period.