Grape brandy

The famous Grape brandy, known as Lozovaca, is another product of Winery Jungic that one can truly enjoy, as Hemingway would say! As a result of a special production technique it contains 40-45% vol. of alcohol, it is drinkable and very aromatic and obtained by distillation of the entire cluster. It is recommended as an aperitif, and the only thing we can say is: Cheers!

1. Markovac grape brandy 45%

Extremely soft and drinkable, smooth grape brandy is produced by traditional distillation of pure and fermented grape must of mixed varieties of grapes grown in our vineyards.

2. Markovac barrique grape brandy 42%

It is obtained by aging the best grape brandies and distilled wine in the oak barrique barrels. With its aromas, softness, subtle tannins and flavours of vanilla and punch obtained from barrique barrels, it resembles the best cognac.