About Us

Out of spite and love!

"Jungic Winery" came into being out of spite and love for wine. It is hard to say which one prevailed. Spite was a decision breaker and lots of love was needed to endure that strenuous path and create a tradition. Spite, to prove that top-quality sorts of grape vines can also be grown in our region although many people thought and tried to convince us to the contrary.

As a host I was often embarrassed in front of foreigners when they wanted to taste our local wines and there was nothing to offer. I used to say: ‘We too shall have our wines! Top-quality wines, of course!’ If Slovenians, Austrians, Swiss, Germans, English, Swedes, Canadians can have their wines...why couldn’t we have ours when we have so many sunny days, mild climate and beautiful hills?

I was always admiring the beauty of famous vineyards and landscapes: Saint Emiliona, Pomerol, Nebiollo, Alsace, Douro, Bordeaux, Tuscany, Burgundy, as well as those closest to us from the valley of Neretva River, Fruska Gora Mountain, and Oplenac Hill. They were breathtaking!

Equally beautiful landscapes of Banja Luka area, just like the most famous winegrowing regions. Wherever you go: Slatina, Prnjavor, Laktasi, Celinac....; they all have landscapes with beautiful hills, ideal altitude, however there are no vineyards …anywhere!

My homeland Markovac, a village located some fifteen kilometers away from Banja Luka, embracing Celinac with hills resembling those of Tuscany, Burgundy..., the view reaches tens of kilometres in the distance, everywhere around. There are no people, no barking dogs, nor livestock bellowing. Everyone has moved away, houses are deserted. Sikar slopes whose friable soil has fed generations is now overgrown by weeds, with birches and osier willows that have grown... Balatin creek gurgles sadly. Nobody drinks its water any more... So, six years ago, out of spite, I decided to try to bring my birthplace back to life.

The slopes of Sikar were prepared and first red sorts grape vines started to grow in vineyards: Cabernet sauvignon, Merlot, blue Frankish as well as white sorts: Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Rhine Riesling.

With the intention to revive the dormant homeland we named red wines Sikar, after the area where the vineyard was planted, and the white ones Balatin after the creek that springs nearby.

Today, grape vines are planted on the slopes of the village of Markovac on the area of around 6 hectares, with more than 18000 vines of top-quality wine sorts.

We hope that all who taste our wines and visit ‘Jungic Winery’ and the vineyards of Markovac, located only 20 minutes’ drive from Banja Luka, shall have the unforgettable experience, something that previously required hundreds or thousands of kilometers travelling to the famous vineyards of Oplenac, Tuscany, Nebbiolo, Bordeaux, Alsace, Nappa.